Spring 2021 EPH 705 Advanced Statistical Methods II  (3 credit)

EPH 705 is the second course in a two-semester sequence in advanced biostatistics. Together, EPH 703 and EPH 705 provide students with an in-depth and focused study of advanced biostatistical methods used in the analysis of data. EPH 705 is designed to extend previous work to analysis of categorical data in epidemiology research. We will consider the types of research designs for which these models are most appropriate and learn how to estimate and interpret model parameters. Through examples, we will address analytic issues that arise in the analysis of real data, including assessing for violations of model assumptions. Topics discussed will include logistic regressions, contingency tables, models for categorical outcomes, models for repeated measures.

Both SAS and R software will be used for the analyses in this course, the students are highly encouraged to invest time in learning both software well for data analysis, in order to take advantage of both software tools.

Additional resources 

Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R https://stat545.com/

Data analysis for the life sciences http://rafalab.github.io/pages/harvardx.html